Key facts of military and education spending

1 Million Dollars Can Buy

One $1 Million Bomb or 25 Teachers’ Salaries

For example, the Tomahawk cruise missile or the California Teachers of the Year for 2010.


Consider these facts about military and education spending in the United States:

  • In California the average starting Teacher’s salary is $40,000 per year.  It’s less in other States.
  • The Department of Defense buys many bombs and missiles that cost $1 million each.
  • Each $1 million bomb costs the equivalent of 25 Teachers’ Salaries.
  • The DOD financial statements have not been audited since 2001.

See our pages on Military Spending and Education Spending for more on these subjects.

What if  we were to persuade Congress to cut some of those $1 million bombs from the over $700 billion Department of Defense budget and send that money back to the states earmarked for hiring teachers and other educators?  While we’re at it, how about dropping a couple of the new $113 million plus F-35 fighter planes and redirecting that money too?  What if?

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